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Keys, Paddles and Bugs


  A revolution in communcation occurred with the development of the telegraph. However, the early telegraph keys used to send messages caused severe strain on the telegrapher's wrist - a condition now known as carpal tunnel syndrome.

  In 1902, inventor Horace G. Martin patented the first in a line of devices which solved the problem: the Martin Autoplex, an electro-mechanical sending device which required batteries.

  Two years later, Martin went into business with a group of entrepreneurs, forming the United Electrical Manufacturing Company. It was also in 1904 that Martin filed his second patent for a new sending device which used a weighted, vibrating arm and did not require the use of a magnetic coil or batteries. This device was the basis for the first Vibroplex.

  In 1908, the association between Martin and U.E.M. ended when the latter went out of business. However, J.E. Albright, who began a business catering to the telephone industry in 1890, began marketing the Vibroplex for Martin. On March 12, 1915, Albright filed a certificate of incorporation in New York for The Vibroplex Company, Inc. Within a few short years, Vibroplex came to represent the best of the telegraphic, and later Amateur Radio, industry.

  Today, as in all of its proud history, the heritage of Vibroplex symbolizes the interest, camaraderie, and esprit de corps of the worldwide ham radio community.

  See also Tom French's  Vibroplex Collectors' Guide.

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Single Paddles


Original Standard

Vibroplex Original Standard

First patented in 1904,  the Vibroplex  Original is designed for code speeds ranging from approximately 20 wpm to 50+ wpm.  Owning this beautifully crafted instrument will link you to a great tradition.  Weight 4 lbs.  Cord not included. A left-handed version is available by special order.

VP-BOS $209.95

Original Deluxe

Vibroplex Original Deluxe

Based on the Original, the Vibroplex Deluxe  has a highly polished chrome base, and jeweled pivots.  Weight 4 lbs. Cord not included.
A left-handed version is available by special order.
VP-BOD  $269.95

Also available by special order:

Original Presentation - like the Deluxe but with gold-plated label
Original Gold - base is plated in 24K gold.

Dual Paddles


Vibroplex "VIBROCUBE" Dual Paddle

 The VIBROCUBE registers just under 6 pounds on the scale. The base is USA-forged cold rolled steel, upper components are zinc, steel and brass. The finger pieces are hard red acrylic. Instead of magnetic tensioning, we use the tried and true spring loaded method which provides a greater range of possible tension settings than magnets allow.

Look at the red acrylic finger piece used on VIBROCUBE versus the standard finger piece as used on the Vibroplex Iambic Standard paddle.   This is not a fragile, delicate device. All working parts except the finger pieces  are metal. The base,  frame, and levers are electrostatic powdercoated in a wrinkle black finish. It's difficult to chip or scratch the paint. Adjustment components are chromed brass; the contact points are coin-grade silver. Four non-skid rubber feet are affixed to the bottom for extra non-movement stability.
see user comments below

VIBROCUBE  Standard Paddle:
VP-PVCS $199.95
  Upgraded VIBROCUBE with jewelled bearings.

VIBROCUBE  Standard Upgraded Paddle:
VP-PVCSU $229.95

Iambic Standard

Vibroplex "Iambic Standard" Dual Paddle

The "Iambic Srandard"  dual paddle is a direct descendent of the Original Bug.  It incorporates the traditional Vibroplex look for use with modern electronic keyers. The code speed with the Iambic depends on the particular electronic keyer with which it is operated. And, you get the same crisp operation at 5 words per minute as you do at 50+ wpm. Weight 3 lbs. Cord not included.

VP-PIS $169.95

Iambic Deluxe
Vibroplex "Iambic Deluxe" Dual Paddle

As above, with chrome base and jewelled pivots.

VP-PID $209.95
 Also available by special order:

Iambic Presentation - like the Deluxe but with gold-plated label
Iambic  Gold - base is plated in 24K gold.

Brass Racer
Vibroplex Square "Brass Racer" Dual Paddle

The Square "Brass Racer Iambic"  is crafted from solid brass with a lacquer coated brushed finish mounted on a hardwood base.  Includes the new Knoxville serialized Vibroplex nameplate
Weight 2.5 lbs. Cord included. 
VP-PBRS $149.95

Square Racer
Vibroplex "Square Racer" Dual Paddle

A descendent of the original Brass Racer, the Square Racer has a solid steel base on four rubber feet which anchor the Square Racer in the operation position.

 Weight 2 lbs.  Cord included.   

VP-PBSS $139.95

Square Racer Deluxe
Vibroplex "Square Racer Deluxe" Dual Paddle

As above, with chrome plated base and red fingerpieces.

VP-PBSD $169.95

code warrior jr
 Vibroplex Code Warrior Jr  Dual Paddle

The Vibroplex Code Warrior Junior  is  the production version of the NORCAL K8FF paddle.
Weight 1.5 Lbs.  Cord not included.

VP-PCW $109.95
Also available by special order, the "Chrome Warrior" on a brushed chrome base,  and the ultra-light aluminum based "Lite Warrior."

Single Paddles

Vibrokey standard

Vibroplex "Vibrokeyer" Standard Single Paddle

The Vibrokeyer is a single-lever paddle using  the same main frame and decorative chrome finished parts as the Original "Bug" for the same smooth and easy operating Vibroplex feel. The Vibrokeyer is for those who want to combine traditional skill with modern electronics. Weight 3 lbs. Cord not included. 
VP-PVS  $169.95

Vibrokey deluxe

Vibroplex "Vibrokeyer" Deluxe Single Paddle

Based on the Vibrokeyer Standard, the Deluxe model has a highly polished chrome base, and jeweled pivots.  Weight 3 lbs. Cord not included.
VP-PVD  $209.95
Also available by special order:
Vibrokeyer Gold - base is plated in 24K gold.

Straight Keys

Standard Straight Key

Vibroplex Straight Key Standard

The design is distinctly Vibroplex. A heavy solid steel base anchors the straight key to the operating position. The lever arm pivots in the famous chromed mainframe. A stainless steel spring allows complete control of the tension. And, of course, the Straight Key has the famous brass Vibroplex logo plate with a unique serial number pinned to the top of the base with stainless steel pins. With the logo plate attached, the new Straight Key is destined to become the latest Vibroplex Collectible.

 The Straight Key has a unique mechanical action, unlike any straight key that has ever been manufactured! Yet, the smooth action and heavy steel base allow the operator to send perfect code. Weight 3 lbs. Cord not included.
VP-KS $169.95

straight key deluxe
Vibroplex Straight Key Deluxe

As above, with bright chrome plated base.

VP-KD $209.95
Also available by special order:
Straight Key Gold with base is plated in 24K gold. 


Order on-line, or call 800-238-8205 for credit card orders
or call 303-752-3382 for more information

What Others are Saying...
If you are a user of Vibroplex instruments, your comments could be here!  Write to us via the link below, and please be sure to say specifically that we can use your comments on the web page.
The VIBROCUBE by VIBROPLEX is a object of beauty. The solid
base does not move at all while sending. l generally call it "5 pounder."
The paddles appear to look clumsy due to its  appearance. That thought
 goes away as soon as you use it. It is silky smooth (to borrow that
 phrase from another product). Never need to tie up your left hand again.
 I tune bandwith, adjust filtering etc while sending. This one is a keeper!
--  Ron WB1HGA


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